Who I am

Rose A. Lacroix is the character of a dropped novel project from my teenage years. That name (or Rose Reaper on some platforms) eventually became how I call myself over the Internet.

I am a tea, lipstick addict and reluctant adult who went into programming, after spending five years as a hotel receptionist (which is a terrible idea when you're an introverted goblin like me). I studied French, British, American litterature, English, and art. I used to draw, but I mostly do 3D renders and a bit of photography now. I'm currently trained to develop programs with COBOL, and I'm curious to try other tools for my personal projects. So far I've used HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Ajax, MySQL.

In my free time I like to write fiction, work on 3D scenes or models, and sew. I also procrastinate a lot by watching series, browsing memes, cuddling with my cat, and daydreaming. I do my 3D renders in DAZ Studio, either with the Iray or Lux render. I use Zbrush to alter models, Marvelous Designer to create dynamic clothes, and Photoshop for texturing and post work.

Drawing of a steaming mug of tea